Sogama Landfill

To treat the raw leachate from a Spanish municipal solid waste landfill, the following treatment layout has been installed at the Client’s site:

  • flow equalization and pH adjustment
  • pressurized multimedia granular filtration
  • anti-scalant dosing
  • cartridge filtration
  • CD-RO membrane filtration (first pass)
  • spiral-wound membrane filtration (second pass)
  • ammonia stripping

mft CD-RO modules are essential to be able to cope with the very high organics contents (up to 22,000 mg COD/L)

Flowm³/d448 to 491218 to 296
CODmg/LUp to 22,000< 150
ConductivitymS/cm29 to 44< 0.6
Flux at operating temperatureLMH11 to 14
Recovery rate%46 to 62
Salts rejection rate%95.9 to 99.7
CD module pressure lossbar1.7 to 3.5