Who are we?

At Membran-Filtrations-Technik GmbH (in short, mft) we are specialized in membrane applications for water and wastewater treatment

mft was established back in 1995 by Mr. Hübbel and Mr. Flach. The idea was to create a plate-and-frame NF/RO module which is better than the existing ones. As a result, the Circular Disc (CD) module was born and patented in 1997

Over the years, we continuously improved our signature product, based on ongoing R&D and customers feedback. In 2019, we introduced the fifth generation of the CD module

Our production site in Huerth (Germany) has a production area of over 2,000 m². Here, the production of CD modules take place by welding membrane cushions, by assembling all the components together, and by testing the modules’ performances

Why choosing mft?

The advantage of choosing mft is that we have a lot of experience and know-how in the wide field of membrane technology, such as:

  • micro- and ultra-filtration with submerged and pressurized modules built with hollow-fiber, flat-sheet, and tubular technologies and with polymeric or ceramic materials
  • nanofiltration and reverse osmosis with spiral-wound and plate-and-frame technology

In fact, mft has been designing, building, and operating membrane systems for over 25 years. Our core competence lies in the development of individual solutions for our customers

We have a very international team and, thus, a broad mindset and diverse cultural background. We speak German, English, Chinese, Russian, Italian, and Turkish