CD Plant 3

Byelorussian Steel Works

To treat the wastewater from steel production, the following treatment layout has been installed at the Client’s site:

  • chemico-physical pretreatment
  • pressurized multimedia granular filtration
  • anti-scalant dosing
  • cartridge filtration
  • CD-RO membrane filtration (first pass)
  • spiral-wound RO membrane filtration (second pass)
  • evaporator

mft CD-RO modules are essential to maximize the overall recovery rates, thus reducing the size and the operating costs of the following evaporation unit (ZLD process)

ParameterUnitCD-RO unit
Feed flowm³/d600
Feed conductivitymS/cm41 to 48
Flux at operating temperatureLMH8 to 10
Recovery rate%35 to 40
Total rejection rate%96.1 to 99.2
Module pressure lossbar1.8 to 2.4