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CD-Module Technology

The mft Circular-Disk-Module (CD-Module) is very well suited for the purification of highly contaminated process and waste water.


In terms of hydraulical behaviour and fluid flow it is an optimized plate and frame module. The mft – module system can handle a much higher SDI-Index (Silt Density Index).

For the pre treatment you only need a traditional sand or cartridge based pre filtration stage. The CD Module is based on our patent and in the market segment of plate module technology worldwide in the leading position.

  • High packing density
  • Low pressure loss
  • Good cleaning behaviour
  • Wide applications

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) / Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD)

One of the key objectives of environmental protection is the reduction of waste water volumes up to complete avoidance of any waste water volumes. By using the mft CD Module (waste) water volumes can be massively reduced and concentrated even up to a level where a subsequent evaporation or crystallisation stage makes commercial sense and pose an acceptable solution.

Micro- und Ultrafiltration units

Micro- und Ultrafiltration units are used in potable water applications as well as waste water treatement for reuse purpose.

Micro- and Ultrafiltration units serve as retention of turbidity causing particles and contamination caused by bacteria in the potable water sector.

In the waste water sector they are also applied to extent operation hours of
– grease reduction baths
– phosphate baths
– rinsing baths

or as pre treatment for industrial or public waste water before the Nanofiltration or Reverse Osmosis.

  • Micro- and Ultrafiltration with different materials
  • “Cross Flow” or “Dead end”
  • “Outside In” or “Inside Out”
  • Different membrane geometries
  • High recovery per m² of membrane surface
  • Low membrane pressure required
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Nano filtration systems

Nano filtration requires a lower operating pressure compare to revese osmosis and can reject up to 50% of salts.

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Nanofiltration units are operating between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. Nanofiltration units are often used in softening of potable water. One of their benefits is in waste water treatment or product water recycling where they can separate clearly defined water contaminants.
  • Lower fouling tendency compared to RO
  • Reliable operation over longer period
  • As ceramic module high resistance against aggressive media
  • Mechanical separation of organic contamination (Pesticides, Insecticides)
  • High volume with low footprint
Reverse Osmosis systems

Those membranes represent the highest possible purification stage.

Hundreds of energy optimized and delivered reverse osmosis systems represent one of mfts’ core competences.

Applications are for example

– Potable water production                    – Surface water purification
– Sea and brackish water desalination    – Industrial process water purification
– Boiler feed water production               – Water for power plants and evaporator units
– Brewing water processing                   – Process water for the food industry
– Beverage industry

  • Reliable desalination of sea water
  • Energy saving using special energy recovery systems
  • Long operating hours using dedicated cleaning cycles
  • Frei skalierbare Mengen
  • Kompakte Bauweise
  • Reinstwasser für fast jeden Einsatz
  • Plug und Play Lösungen
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Abwasser, Sickerwasser, Meerwasser, Prozesswasser …

Membranreiniger und Antiscalingmittel
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Durch den langjährigen Betrieb unserer verschiedenen Anlagen verfügen wir über exzellente Kenntnisse der Betriebsführung insbesondere zu den verschiedenen Typen an Membranreinigern, Antiscalingmitteln und der jeweiligen Anwendung (Dosierung, Intervalle, Steuerung..) Ein kleiner Auszug unserer speziell abgestimmten Mittel: mft cleaner S 010 ist ein flüssiges, saures Reinigungsmittel speziell für Membranfiltrationsanlagen auf Basis von Phosphor- und Salpetersäure oder der mft cleaner A 010, ein flüssiges, alkalisches Reinigungsmittel speziell für Membranfiltrationsanlagen auf Basis von Kali- und Natronlauge.
  • Flüssiges, saures Reinigungsmittel speziell für Ultrafiltrationsanlagen
  • Entfernung von anorganischen Belägen
  • Lösen von komplexen Eisenverbindungen
  • Flüssiger Komplexierer zur Härtstabilisierung speziell für Lebensmittelindustrie
  • Härtestabilisierung von kalziumkarbonat- und kalziumsulfathaltigem Wasser
  • Verhinderung von anorganischen, eisenhaltigen und silikathaltigen Belägen